Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I give feedback for a recent visit to Café Rouge?
A: We love to receive feedback from our guest, please fill in our quick contact form. We will then get back in touch with you as soon as we can.

Q: How long does it take to hear back on submitted feedback?
A: We aim to get back to our guests as soon as possible, it is usually quicker but can sometimes take between 3-5 working days.

Q: I have submitted feedback to and have not heard back from you, why?
A: We love to receive feedback from our guest however are a completely separate unaffiliated company to Café Rouge. We want to hear from our guests and put it right if things go wrong but can only do so when guests contact us directly. Please go to this link and fill in our quick contact form, we will then get back in touch with you as soon as we can.

Gift cards

Q: How do I check the balance/expiry date of my Café Rouge gift card?
A: Café Rouge gift cards are valid for two years from point or purchase. You can also check your balance and expiry date.

Q: Can I purchase physical gift cards and eGift cards from you?
A: Yes you can, you can purchase them in our restaurants or you can purchase them online.

Q: Do I need to register/activate my gift card?
A: No you do not, this is done at the point of sale by the retailer when swiped through their tills and payment taken. Check your balance and expiry date.

Q: Can I use gift cards and eGifts with offers and set menus?
A: Yes you can, they are a form of payment and are cash value this is not a problem

Restaurant information

Q: How do I get the contact details for my local Café Rouge?
Q: What are your opening times?
Q: What facilities are available at Café Rouge?

A: All restaurant specific information can be found on the individual restaurant pages - just search by city or postcode here.


Q: How do I view menu prices?
A: Prices are available on our website but as our prices vary slightly between restaurants you must first select a restaurant as prompted here.

Q: Where can I find allergen information?
A: Please see our full allergen menu. Click on the I symbol next to each dish for information, or download a full PDF at the bottom of the page. If you do have an allergy please make your waiter aware when ordering.

Q: Where can I find Nutritional Information?
A: See our page for Nutritional values.

Tesco vouchers

Q: Do you accept Tesco Vouchers?
A: Yes we do accept Tesco Vouchers that are converted into vouchers for use in most Café Rouge restaurants. There some exclusions so please check the terms and conditions before you plan your visit:

Q: Can I use Tesco vouchers on breakfast?
A: Café Rouge vouchers are valid on the breakfast menu until 12pm, and then the A La Carte menu from 12pm.

Q: Can I use Tesco vouchers with other offers or set menus?
A: No, only one discounted offer can be used on each bill. Please see this link for full T&C’s: Tesco terms and conditions


Q: Do you have any offers on?
A: Yes we do, please sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of this page to receive news on our latest offers, and special birthday treats. You can can also grab one instantly via this link and we will e-mail you the code.

Q: Why hasn’t my offer code come through?
A: Once requested we send the code to your e-mail provider instantly, depending on your provider it can take different amounts of time to deliver it to your inbox. It may have also entered your spam folder or been blocked entirely by your e-mail provider. If you add [email protected] to your address book this will make us safe to your e-mail account. If this doesn’t work then we recommend you contacting your e-mail provider directly to resolve this or trying another e-mail address from a different provider.


Q: Can I make a booking please?
A: Of course and thank you for choosing to dine with Café Rouge, you can call the restaurant or make a booking online.

Q: How do I make a large party or corporate booking?
A: Of course and thank you for choosing Café Rouge, some of our restaurants also have private rooms available. You can contact our Group Sales team and plan a party here.

Q: How do I amend my booking?
A: To amend an online booking you will need to cancel your original booking using the online system and then book with the correct details. You can cancel a booking by clicking on the relevant link in the confirmation email you received. If you need to amend a phone booking, please call the restaurant directly. Restaurant contact details can be found here.


Q: Can I work for Café Rouge?
A: We are always on the lookout for energetic and enthusiastic people to work for us. For more information, please visit our careers website

Our Policies

Q: What is your tipping policy?
A: All customer cash tips and service charges are kept by restaurant employees in full. Please see our tips policy.

Q: What is Café Rouge’s environmental commitment?
A: We have made the commitment to ensure sustainable sourcing of products used within our bistros and supply chains. This is just the start of the journey and we’re working to improve these standards and to consciously minimise the impact made on the environment.

Q: Is Café Rouge child and family friendly?
A: Café Rouge welcomes families and children of all ages; we have a kids menu which includes three courses and a drink for only £6.95. All of our restaurants offer a children’s menu and also activity packs are available on request.

Q: Is your meat Halal?
A: Café Rouge knows as a restaurant business the origin and the way all animals are treated to produce our meat is extremely important. To ensure this the animal that is slaughtered must be stunned before slaughter and the animal must be treated and handled in a way the is compliant with all UK and EU legislation.

In addition, the farmers and slaughter house must uphold the RSPCA’s five freedoms in order to ensure their health and welfare. We do have to source some of our meat from around the world and as such, some of the meat is slaughtered using Halal methods, any animal slaughtered in this way must be treated in the same manner as any animal slaughtered to non-halal methods. None of our meat is slaughtered using kosher principles.

Due to the nature of our business and the mix of dishes within our restaurants, we do not declare any of our meals as Halal. Furthermore, all our dishes are prepared in kitchens where all meat products are commonly used.

Q: Do you allow guide dogs in your restaurants?
A: Yes, we absolutely do! Guide dogs are always welcome in all Café Rouge restaurants. If there is anything we can do to help with your visit then please just speak to a member of staff when you arrive.

Q: Does Café Rouge source its seafood from sustainable stocks?
A: Yes we do, we are committed to sustainable sourcing, and are proud to be rated a top high street restaurant for seafood sustainability by Fish2Fork guide and the Marine Conservation Society.

Q: What’s your policy on plastic straws?
A: We are committed to minimise the impact we make on our environment. We are thrilled to say that our restaurants have completely removed plastic straws, and will offer biodegradable PLA straws on request only. We hope that other companies will also follow in this.

Something else?

Please send us feedback and we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Alternatively you can you can contact your local restaurant; contact details can be found here.

If you would like to reserve a table then please use our online booking service.

For general queries please check our FAQ section or use the form below to get in touch.