A family-friendly restaurant with a delicious kid’s menu

Your little ones are more than welcome at Café Rouge, a family restaurant serving the best of French cuisine. We make extra effort to ensure their visit is a special occasion with a kid’s menu packed with delicious dishes.

From hearty breakfasts to flavoursome mains, our children’s menu is full of lovingly-prepared dishes that caters to all tastes, leaving clean plates and big smiles.

Start the day with our breakfast menu specially for kids

At Café Rouge, we know that our children’s menu is the perfect way to set your little people up for the day’s adventures. We promise lots of choice, including pancakes, breakfast muffins or a full breakfast, with a lovely veggie option to give those young minds energy.

All breakfast dishes on the kid’s menu are £5.50 and served with a drink. You can choose between refreshing pressed orange or apple juice, or a cool glass of semi-skimmed milk.

A varied menu for curious kids

Our children’s set menu is full of exciting, nutritious meals that make the Café Rouge experience just as wonderful for kids as it is for adults.

All tastes are covered with our five moreish mains, featuring classics such as burgers and sausage and mash, and some new dishes for your curious little ones to discover, such as cauliflower mac and cheese.

Kids can pair their main with a starter or dessert, with two courses for £6.50 or three courses for £8.50.

Something special for everyone.

Just like our full menu, we make sure our kid’s menu caters for varying dietary requirements.

You’ll find vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options across our menus, with kid-friendly options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.