Our commitment

We have made the commitment to ensure sustainable sourcing of products used within our bistros and supply chains. This is just the start of the journey and we’re working to improve these standards and to consciously minimise the impact made on the environment.

Certified sustainable seafood

We are committed to sustainable sourcing, and are proud to be rated a top high street restaurant for seafood sustainability by the Fish2Fork guide.

Our egg endeavour

We are currently purchasing all shell and liquid eggs to free range standards and also adhering to the 'Five Freedoms' principle proposed by the Farm Animal Welfare Committee.

We collaborate with our suppliers to have 100% of the eggs used in secondary ingredients (products such as sauces and cakes) to be free range by 2022 and will make every attempt to beat that deadline!

Compassion in world farming

We are committed to good animal welfare and are working with Compassion in World Farming to ensure higher animal welfare and ethical sourcing is done in an open and honest way.

The last straw

We are committed to minimise the impact we make on our environment - so we have joined a growing movement to cut down on the billions of straws discarded every year into landfill and oceans.

We are thrilled to say our restaurants have completely removed plastic straws, and will offer biodegradable PLA straws on request only.

Proud to support

Cafe Rouge is proud to be an official partner of NSPCC, supporting them in their fight against child abuse in the UK and Channel Islands. We made a pledge to raise £100,000 for this rewarding cause - to help children who've been abused to rebuild their lives, to protect children at risk and to find the best ways of preventing child abuse from ever happening.