About us

Café Rouge was launched in Richmond, London in 1989 by Karen Jones and Roger Myers, foodies on a mission to recreate real French food and wine in a Parisienne bistro-style setting. Rouge was also the favourite hangout for Bridget and friends in 'Bridget Jones's Diary', the novel that helped make us a household name!

Today we continue to recreate core classics like Steak Frites, Moules and Duck Confit, as well as Croques, Salads and Baguettes available to enjoy with a gorgeous glass of French wine.

30 years of service

Born in 1989, we've got more than 30 years of wonderful custom, amazing staff and delicious French-inspired food.

We LOVE seeing and hearing your Rouge memories - old and new - so get social with us:

All about our food

Our chefs and our food are at the heart of everything we do. Bruno, our Executive Chef, is constantly checking our kitchens of excellence and liasing with head chefs to ensure all our authentic dishes are the best. We use great, fresh ingredients, traditional French cooking methods and classic Rouge recipes all day every day.

We're open for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner - so you're sure to find something you'll love!

Our sustainability promise

At Café Rouge, we have made the commitment to ensure sustainable sourcing of the products used within our restaurants and supply chains.

This is just the start of the journey and we’re working to improve these standards and to consciously minimise the impact made on the environment. The hard work continues and we are dedicated to developing our sustainability promise.